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Dear Homeowner,

Paying more than $200 per month for electricity doesn't have to cause you pain when paying bills each month. You do not have to suffer any longer through the hottest parts of summer because you turned off your air conditioning to save money.

We have actual clients who've reported electric bills of $5.00 per month or less (that's not a typo either).

You can have a $5.00 electric bill, too.

First, we need to figure out how much electricity you use. Every household has appliances that run on electricity. The amount of electricity used by such appliances add up when you think about them all.

  • alarm clocks
  • computers
  • cordless phones
  • dishwashers
  • electric toothbrushes
  • hair dryers and curling irons
  • heating and air conditioning
  • hot tubs
  • lamps
  • microwave ovens
  • printers
  • refrigerators
  • stereo equipment
  • stoves (even gas stoves sometimes have electronic displays)
  • television
  • video and DVD players

You get the picture. The list grows and grows as you move throughout the house only to discover more appliances you never really thought about. To find out how many watts you need to run all of your appliances, you can go to this appliance calculator.

We'll teach you how we can help reduce your electric bill without unplugging all of your appliances. Once your photovoltaic solar system is installed, it begins working right away and is connected to your electric company's power grid. At nighttime, the lights and electric appliances draw power from your electric company. During the daytime, in ideal conditions (low demand and strong sunshine), your electric meter may actually run backward where you would essentially sell back your electricity to the electric company.

Is Solar Right For You?

Solar consultants are waiting for your call. They will talk with you about your project by phone as well as come to your home to perform a FREE site survey and provide a FREE quote. If they find that solar is not the right fit for you, they'll be honest enough to tell you. RSE is a high integrity company who won't sell you on a system just because they can; they'll sell you a system because it makes the best financial sense.

RSE Consultants will review your previous 12-month's electricity bills carefully and provide a quote based on all the facts (size of the home or grounds on which the system would reside, how many modules would be needed, and much more.)

If a photovoltaic (pv) solar system is right for you, then you may also qualify for California State Rebates and Federal Tax Credits. The state and federal government may actually pay you to install a pv solar system.

Get Your Free Site Survey and Quote Today!

Don't believe us!

Believe our happy customers. Check out testimonials from real customers.

Seeing is Believing...

Actual photos from Roseville Solar Electric projects. To enlarge the images below in the photo gallery, please click on the thumbnail photos to the right.


Residential solar system on tile roof

Residential solar system on tile roof


Residential solar system

Clean conduit run with meter

Clean conduit run with meter

Neat and tidy conduit and inverters

Neat and tidy conduit and inverters

Four stand alone trackers

Four stand alone trackers

Tracking system on a steep hill

Tracking system on a steep hill. (This area used to be covered in Manzanita bushes before we cleared the area!)

Complete off-gride solar system

Complete 'off-grid' solar system
on comp roof

Kevin Hahner connecting solar array

Kevin connecting solar array

Solar collector for hot water

Solar collector for hot water

solar electric and solar hot water

This home has both solar a hot water system (above left) and a solar electric system (above right) installed.

How Thermal Solar Power Works


Click on the above diagram for a larger view


Click on the above diagram for a larger view


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